Monday, June 17, 2013

Origins Gaming Convention 2013

So here's a few photos from
Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio...
 Dinner with many famous artists like,
Andy Hopp, Larry Elmore, Lance Miller, Kay Steele, and Scott Frank
 The table set up in the exhibition hall where
sales increased 150% .

 Got to see friends on leave from Korea!


Even did some sketching on Friday during the slow time.
Even Perry the Adventuring Guinea Pig made a new friend!
She had a pet rat on her hat.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Marks for books

I am going to be away at Origins Gaming Convention in Columbus Ohio.
I'll have some new things and teaching some cartooning!
Here is a link to my teaching site,  Teaching Toons!
Before I left the school 
I made some bookmarks for the first and second grades.
They will be for sale at the conventions too.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

What I did before my summer vacation.

I apologize for not posting, I've been using the Yets and cartooning in Harding Elementary School.
We've had a lot of success raising test scores and having fun!  You can track the progress at my Teaching Toons web site.  Now that the school year is almost over,
 I'll be posting more! 
Meanwhile here is our class and some up & coming artists...

I'm somewhere in there...
I wish it was easier to read the dialogue.

 Great colors!
 The "Yet" on the left is standing beneath 
a rain of....blood?  
That is what the student said.
 A purple pigtailed Yet.
The left Yet has a rattle, and the right Yet is saying...?
What is it saying?....