Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yet accomodations for the special child...

If you have a special(est?) child yet,
would you prefer using medications first,
would you be cooperative with doctors and teachers, 
would you blame yourself for your child's disability?
There's never an immediate answer...unless they breath fire.
I got very lazy and drew in pencil and I apologize.

I know it is popular to show some of the process of making comics so here
are two quick photos.

This is the layout sketch, I tend to draw with a 4H pencil or a blue pencil.
I like to capture any important facial expressions in a piece before I commit to ink
(or darker pencil lines in this case).

However, it all starts in a plain old notebook with scribbled dialogue.
I don't care about grammar or spelling as long as can get a rhythm to the scene.
I also change dialogue on the fly as I am lettering the final cartoon.
Nothing is permanent until it is published and
this way I have license to have a little spontaneity.