Monday, October 31, 2011


There's nothing magical about producing a comic book and it doesn't matter if it is 24 pages or 128 pages in length.  It is just a matter of scheduling a time to work on it or just leaping in at the last spare moments of a day.

I'm gearing up for the latest YETS! book and there's nothing much to show while I'm writing it, unless you want to see a bunch of words.  So here's photos of the process.
There's nothing magical about it, I keep my expenses low.
I even use notebooks and pencils I bought at back-to-school sales.
I sketch each page with balloons and write dialogue outside the panels,
and I write the page number in the upper left corner.
I label (scribble...) the notebooks with the titles of stories.
The "Dental Story" was in YETS! #3
and "Is It Morning Yet?" and "Another Story Yet"  were in YETS! #2
These titles are just working titles so I have them labeled. 
During times like this  I spend sketching ideas to put in the stories because I feel like I'm not doing anything productive.  Also drawing helps to stir up other ideas.
So I started designing background characters for this story.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


First, I got my comments working again!  I can communicate with you folks!
When I was in San Diego I went to the DickBlick artstore (before the convention started so the still were stocked!) and bought a sketckbook to try out it's named "Strathmore Visual Journal".  It's only 3.5"x5"  
but it was only $1.50!

 Below is a study from Bill Presig.
It's filled with 56 sheets of 100lb. smooth Bristol and it's great for inking, watercolor & acrylics.  

Then while I was at a local school for an art council meeting, I sketched the other council members.
I try not to be seen doing it, because it might seem rude not paying attention, or the subjects get self conscious!

I hope life stays calm so I can work on the new YETS! book.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

AdventureTime in SanDiego!

The adventure in SanDiego Comicon!
...traveling is always fun with new companions like Suze Gil!
Then setting up.  The purple book was drawn by fourth grade students.
Here is where I was located in the convention hall. This was in front of the bayside entrance.
Then meeting old friends like former student Jahlil.
He designed the animation for jellyfish creatures in Avatar.
Matt Groening
Stan Sakai and his beautiful wife
Ahokia and her mom, Ahokia creates soft sculptures and puppets besides taxidermy and costuming.
She might do a Yet puppet.....someday.
Even Perry got out and found adventures!
I think he likes her.
I don't know if you are a big fan of sitting through somebody's vacation photos so 
that's all I will show for now.
More art is coming up!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last ConDor painting for 2012

Just another quick post with the finished ConDor 2012 design.
Classic 1912 Men In Black
"100 years of saving civilization from the Apocalypse through higher technology!"