Sunday, April 26, 2009

The YET FieldGuide---rules

The YET FieldGuide is a product of readers who have gone exploring in the TreeWorld and have recorded their observations with drawings and notes made at that moment.

I have kept all of your drawings and I want to publish them here but there are a few rules:

1). Anonymity. I can only use your first name and last initial.
This is because there are evil people who will track down people who are YET-spotting and might kidnap you to find out where the YETS are.

2). I need written or verbal permission (from your parent or guardian) to post your drawings.

3). I can only publish one of your drawings at a time. This is because many of you are diligent in collecting as many YET types and I only have so much time to publish this blog.

4). All artwork received for the FieldGuide becomes property of 1 YET Publishing.

5). I reserve the right to add to the rules if needed.

That's it for now. I will publish the first drawing I got with permission this week (actually I got the permission today) and as I get more permissions I will publish more.

...have fun exploring the TreeWorld!

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