Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Origins Convention part-2

Here is a picture of my booth on the last day of the show.
It is taken early in the day by Tony Steele, another cool artist.
If you look close, you can see the drawing from my last post on the table top,
my books (like issue #1, Graphic novel #2 and #3) are almost sold out.
The red hooks on the wall are where pieces were hung but they were sold (I sold four more by the end of the show!)
There are more larger 16"x20" pieces to the left in the picture but Tony couldn't fit them in the frame.
My partner in crime: Kelli Stakenas had the seat in the corner, and gladly watched the booth as I left to do business.

Now the news:

This piece won for Best Color.

Steve Verdoliva and Thesser , the Events Coordinator and Art Show Director respectively
have asked me to paint the cover for the 2010 Origins 35th Anniversary gaming convention program book.

I'll be blogging about the progress of that painting and the prints for it when they become available next year at the show.


  1. Congratulations, Mike! You're work is just plain beautiful, and you earn every honor you receive!

    Steve Dilworth

  2. all these people should see your 6ft cat in the cat you did... oh yeah, he's gone... boohoo... but I have pics LOL

  3. Thanks Steve sorry I didn't reply earlier. I'm not used to getting comments. I couldn't do it without inspiring friends like you.
    You introduced me to a lot of the major comic artists at AIP, remember....? Also you talked me into getting the frontal lobotomy from the homeless person in the park....that helps too.

  4. A good frontal lobotomy can do wonders for your outlook! Just ask Jack Nicholson. : - )

    The days we spent at the Art Institute were truly golden, Mike. I ran away for fear of failure. I'm just so happy to see you making the most of your awesome talent!