Sunday, September 19, 2010

Commission for Max

When I was at Origins in June, I met the Littman family, their father, Michael, came to me in private and asked if I would create a piece for his son, Max. Michael wanted the commission for Max's birthday on September 6th. So in July we started emailing and I asked Michael what kind of art he wanted, Michael said, "The thought we had was a drawing of the dragon with "boy stuff" (trying to figure out what to do first...)" . I wanted to know what is Max's interests and Michael's next email gave me a list (..and what a list it was!).

Here is just part of it:
He played on a Flag Football team in a organized league. He was asked
if he would like to be the defensive coach last season and the team went
Golf (plays...)
Hockey (doesn't play but likes to go to games)

Boy Scouts: He is currently a Star Scout and has 12 merit badges. Here are
the merit badges he has, that I remember. (there is one I can't think of.)
First Aid
Citizenship of the nation
Indian Lore
Public Speaking

...that's about half of the list. ha!
Now after that list some folks would be intimidated, but I like somebody that gives me specifics!

So I sent him this sketch...

...which they loved! I like to keep my sketches looser (like when I am doing a comic book) so I have a freedom to make changes as I ink, but with a client, I like to show them as clearly what they are getting.
So I went ahead and inked it in a couple of hours...

The finished size is 14"x19", and they loved it!
Finally after I scanned it, I remarked the art, so Max could have a personalized piece.

This is how I personalized it.
...Max's Bar Mitzvah is next year. Again I wish I added more details to the Torah.
Oh well I might be a gentile but I ain't a shkutz!

Happy belated Birthday, Max!

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