Monday, January 24, 2011

Commission for Paul 2

Here are two studies for Paul’s piece, the wizard and the princess. I think that by drawing the preliminary studies helps me to plan the final piece. I was vague in my original sketch and although I could knock in the figures as I ink the drawing (like I do in my comics), it might be more spontaneous, but I figured “why take a chance with somebody who likes your characters?”

By doing studies of the characters, I managed to play with their attitudes and poses. I also have the options of making further changes.

Like why is the princess wearing no clothes, and does the Yet have her clothes in his mouth?

Two hours is a rough color study too.

1 comment:

  1. I like the attitude and execution. but just like the wizard's hat is so apropos the way it fits his head, and the princess could care less ;) it's still important to apply a little reality to characters. There's no way the princess could not be reaching for her tiara or holding it, the way it's perched it'd completely fall off. I'd love to see its position reflect her cool attitude :) Or if you change its style it could attatch like a headband...just like a misplaced light source the misplaced tiara is standing out extra because the rest of the drawing is great :) And is it my computer or is the wizard's beard flesh colored? Also if she had a tendril part to sit on i think it would make her awesome positioning and expression anchor her disdain :). I think you should keep both a b&w and a color version. Both are cool :)