Monday, July 18, 2011


Well, after this week I can start blogging again.
I've had weddings, conventions, and teaching to do and that has left me with little or no time to do anything else.
I do have photos from the conventions and that's what I'll be posting.
Meanwhile I will be at Comicon International in San Diego this week so here is an interview I did in Detroit in May.

I tend to say, "um" a lot....I'll work on changing that.


  1. "Um" isn't so bad to say a lot...Your a wonderful person. Your doing a great job. Have a safe trip in California and come home safe. I look forward to getting together. Be sure to stop and smell the ocean (the roses too!). Take care., Carol Dagastino Teresi

  2. You did a great job, Mike!! I thought you spoke just fine. Your work looked great on the camera as well. Good luck on the animated series!! That would be fantastic. try to stay cool in CA. It's gotta be mighty hot out there!

  3. Mike,

    It was great to finally meet in person and get a copy of Yets! GN. Amazing work. I hope you had a great time at SDCC.

    Shawn Granger