Friday, November 11, 2011

It begins...

Here is the beginning of a new four page story.
I started working on my new computer so I have to redevelop a system doing the scanning and lettering.
Here is my test with the art for the first panel.


  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!! Awesome. Can I pre-Order?

  2. What program do you use for lettering? I found Inkscape and I love it!

  3. Pre-orders are welcome but they are all verbal at this point, the line starts on the left and no pushing please. Frankly I think there's better things to stand in line for.....

    I just use Illustrator to letter my books, I'll look up Inkscape.

  4. Inkscape is a freeware vector graphics program. I found it by doing a search for free illustrator replacement. : - )

  5. Oh yes, and put me down for one copy. Just let me know when it's ready, and how much and I'll send it on over!!