Friday, December 30, 2011

The Nest!

"Our only goal is to bleed dragons white!"
-- commander of the Associated Human Armies.

The longest battle during The TreeWorld’s Great Argument between men and dragons lasted for three hundred days.
It is named, The Nest.  
 The Nest is the battle for the dragon’s breeding ground.  
 The human objective was to wipe out The Nest to break the dragon’s wills and hearts, but the dragon’s rebuilt The Nest into a series of fortified lairs.  
 Almost every being fought here and the battle turned into a static bloodbath because both sides were too stubborn to retreat.
The versatile 75mm "DragonPuncher" could be pulled into position by horses, soldiers, or dwarves.

This is the last known image of the "Lost Battalion" of ammunition carriers.

The battle ended when The Great Argument ended when the treaty was signed.
A similar battle with similar attitudes occurred here in 1916.

Perry, the adventuring Guinea Pig had a role to play in this battle, and I will tell that story
in the next YETS! chapter.


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  2. You have great art, I will do that!