Saturday, July 27, 2013

San Diego Comicon-2013!

Here are the photos from the adventure in San Diego!
This is Daniela, one of the Yets' biggest fans! 
She helps watch my booth on Sunday!
Cap'n Crunch was on guard too!
The crowds were BIG!
Adventure Time was all the time while setting up.

Lego sculptures are always cool!

I snuck pictures of the Chuck Jones Gallery.
This is a sketch Chuck did on the door in the gallery, 
it is about five feet high.
 If you like animation art, check out this gallery.
I explored San Diego with Suze, Ilse, and Janna(the photographer)!
 Major exploring in the La Jolla cave!
...and next year I am moving out of the small press
and into the illustrators area.
I will be in a booth with "Odd Fae designs"
 This is a sketch drawn with ball-point pen on the plane to San Diego,
in my 5.5"x8.5" sketchbook.
 This is a sketch drawn with ball-point pen on the plane from San Diego.
Always flyin' Yet First Class!


  1. Cap'n Crunch is AWESOME!! Best costume yet. Are you excited about moving into the artist's area? You kind of straddle the fence on the artist/small press thing. I searched and searched the artist lists when you first said you were going. Then I thought to look elsewhere!

    - Steve

  2. Yeah, it will be great to move into the illustrator's area. I'll miss the small press but now I don't have as much paperwork and I have a larger area to display (plus friends at the booth!).

  3. You get more space? That's great!!

    How are things looking for the upcoming school year?

    - Steve