Friday, August 21, 2009

ConDor 2010 Painted Logo

Here is the logo painted.
Next will be the titles.


  1. I tried posting this comment once before, but it didn't take. One more time!!

    Beautiful work, Mike. Do you color by hand, or digitally? I like the one with the girl, she reminds me of Joe Staton's work from E-Man!

    How did the Comic-Con go?

  2. I paint digitally using a watercolor technique from our teacher Les Lockerman with glazes.

    Comicon was good but the comics are being edged out by media.

    Joe Staton, LOL, I'll have to look back at those issues, thanks!

  3. Edged out by media. Do you mean digital comics?

    A friend of mine has coaxed me out of 'retirement' to illustrate a digital comic he wants to write. I've been shaking the rust off and finally learning a little about how to color my line art with Photoshop. It's very interesting, and I like it so far.

    Les Lockerman was an awesome instructor, only I had him in the pre-digital daze! What program do you use to paint with?

  4. Yea, at Comicon, there was more Hollywood hype & promotion about movies, shows, stars than just comics.

    I use photoshop exclusively. I've experimented using Painter & ArtRage, but I like the versatility of photoshop.

    Now you must get a blog and post!

  5. I understand what you mean, Mike. It's getting to the point where the comic books are just considered the script for a movie, rather than the actual art form the movie is derived from!

    Deals like Disney buying Marvel Entertainment is not encouraging to me, either.

    Perhaps, when we get ourselves up and running, I will get myself a blog and start to postin'!