Sunday, August 9, 2009

ConDor convention 2010 logo

After Comicon I had to clear up legal matters and pertaining to YETS! and straightening up my home after the flurry of Comicon International,
so I'm sorry for the lack of posts.

Here are new sketches for The ConDor 2010 Convention logo scheduled in March
(ConDor is San Diego's longest oldest SciFi convention).
...that is why there is a condor in the design....

This year's theme is "Retro SciFi"

This is the design to be finished first, but

this is my favorite.
I will post these again when they are painted.

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  1. hey! I'm head of a promotional models company, and thought it would be cool to get in contact with companies that will be at the convention that would possibly be interested in my promo models- to have them dress up with the theme of convention such as the girl in your drawing... to represent their company there and interact with the crowd! Any suggestions or help? even for future events I think it'd be a great idea!
    hope to hear from you soon! and great drawing! :)