Sunday, December 12, 2010

Origins Game Fair 2011 part 5

I gave this proof to the executive director, who will show it to the committee and I'll find out what changes need to be made. Anyway, here is the painting as it looks, it is 18"x24" and I left plenty of room so the right side of the painting can be cropped to size of the convention cover.


  1. Mike, it's spectacular! I don't think that can be said enough about your work, but this piece is even head and shoulders above the rest. Your attention to detail has never wavered over the years, you've merely perfected it. I know your history of teaching, and I believe you would do your own alma mater proud by checking to see if you could do them the favor of instructing their students! Imagine being back at AIP on the other side of the desk! You'd be brilliant!!

  2. ...mmmmmm....I like that idea.....

  3. I was being quite serious: