Friday, December 24, 2010

Yet Hidden Meanings

Here is a hidden meaning in YETS!. If you have this issue:

In the first story the Tracker Commander, Bruce fights the Yets.

Then he makes friends with the Yets.
Well, the character of Bruce is based on the real life dentist Dr. Bruce Johnson.
Dr. Johnson was the technical adviser for the dental parts to the story and he had an idea for a comic book about dental hygiene back in 1990.
The story was originally written about "The Ortho Team!", bio-naughts that entered a mouth to fill cavities and fight cavity creeps. The story was a lot like the movie "Fantastic Voyage".
Unfortunately the project died a death filled with good intentions
but it was reborn with the Yets.

In the second part to the story, Bruce asks the Yets to enter the mouth of the largest Yet in the TreeWorld and help him find his wife
whose name is Judy.
Judy is based on Dr. Johnson's wife of 42 years.
Judy fit well into the story to show a strong woman who held a family together in times of trouble.
Judy is based on Dr. Johnson's wife of 42 years.
I even fit a cameo of their daughter, Dawn.
She had a smaller role because the real Dawn Johnson is an adult and a doctor in psychiatry.
The real Judy and Bruce liked this YETS! story.
On September 2, 2010 Judy passed from cancer. If you bought this issue of YETS!, and you enjoyed that adventure, and laughed along the way you have honored the memory of
Judy Johnson and

I thank you.

If Art is your life, then put life in your Art.---- a TreeWorld proverb.

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  1. Sad news about Judy. I am proud to say I did read and laugh along with your Yets tale, and I am happy you were able to immortalize her in that way!