Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Book! New Art!--EDIT

The title is, “Linda’s ArtHouse”.  It will be a story-sketchbook, 32pages.
Available by the end of October.
It is a "Story Sketchbook".
Here is the wrap around painted cover.
 Here is the interior cover, the original drawing is roughly 28"x40"

 The logo
 What is it about?
 It’s a YETS! tribute to my late fiancee’ , Linda who passed on August 4th 2012.
Here is an excerpt from the introduction,
“Lin was in the hospital, diagnosed with terminal bone cancer.

She arrived back home under the care of Hospice, it was difficult and painful for her to leave her house very often, so she taped up a Valentine’s card and 
ordered me and her daughter to,
“draw something else to decorate the room.”

Me, and Linda’s daughter, Ondi did just that until Linda passed seven months later, we drew poignant things, silly things, large things, tiny things. We drew in early in the evenings or late at night and sometimes we just taped pictures to Linda’s wall for her to find, and
laugh at, when she woke up the next day. 
Our unwritten ArtHouse rule was, “don’t draw anything sad”.”

If you’ve read “YETS!” and enjoyed the stories and art then you’ve enjoyed Linda’s work. 
She edited most of the first three volumes.

This is a tough, emotional time for me and my friends, but “YETS!” will continue. 

It is what Linda asked for.

Here are some sample pages,


  1. It beautiful Mike. As is your love for Linda.

    - Steve

  2. Magnificent and yes exactly what we would imagine Linda would want and you are making her proud. We definitely want to buy one.