Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dancin' Thursdays part 5

I haven't posted the sketches from,
 "Rocko's, the TreeWorld's Dancing Capital & Bar!"
so here are the drawings from 
two weeks ago when the birds flocked in:
and here are the drawings from this week,
where I sat next to Rocko's pond,

 A lot of the fish sat at the bar waiting for dance partners,
 though this female sawfish danced all night!
 She had fun with the guys that could really swing!
The mermaid DJ had her own problems at the end of the night...
...and I found the origin of the saying,
"...drinks like a fish..."


  1. Hi Mike - I'm a new fan of your work so I thought I would say hi and let you know I'll probably be in touch soon. Feel free to contact me if needed. See you later - Mike Mc. (you know - the other guy in the sailboat with you). PS ... I meant to tell you on Monday that my son wears the Wonder Woman pin on his sweatshirt in honor of his Mom. He loves it. Thanks again!!!

  2. Thanks Mike (and your son) for the inspiration!